Coach Ali Benjamin

Your certified personal trainer and boxing coach
to improve your fitness and skills

Coach Ali has a passion for your growth

I became a boxing coach because it combined my passion for boxing with my love for bettering lives through fitness. As a coach and trainer, I give amateur and professional boxers high performance sports training and work with all fitness levels, ranging from beginners of fitness to highly skilled boxers.

Whether you want to step up your boxing skills, or get a workout in, you can find what you need here. Get your goals in line and work on your journey to fitness with me.

Ali Benjamin weight lifting
Ali Benjamin Smiling in a boxing gym

I was born and raised by the professional boxer Roysie Francis Benjamin. Boxing’s in my blood and has changed my life for the better. It steered me in the right direction and gave me the tools to overcome adversity.

I want boxing to be brought to the younger generation and gain more exposure. It’s a sport that can be misunderstood, and I want you to know it can be safe, fun, and even life changing.

Whether you’re here for a workout or to grow as a boxer, work with me and you’ll see results in no time.